Tea Questions

Making Tea The Tea Lady Way

1. Preheat your teapot and infuser by rinsing with hot water.

2. Place tea in warm infuser and let stand.

3. Bring fresh, cold water to a boil. Pour over the tea so that all the leaves are covered.

4. Let the tea steep to your desired strength.

5. Remove the tea leaves, stir the tea and serve.

*To sweeten the taste, add stevia, sugar, or honey while the tea is still hot. *For iced tea use double the amount of tea leaves and pour over ice.

Temperatures for Tea Types

White Tea – 185˚ Just under boiling. Steep 3 min.

Green Tea - 185˚ Just under boiling. Steep 2 min.

Oolong Tea - 200˚ Just under boiling. Steep 3 min.

Black Tea - 212˚ Boiling. Steep 4 min.

Herbal/Tisane - 212˚ Boiling. Steep 5 min.


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